The Lake Erie Section of ASHE is excited to host the 2018 National Conference that will be celebrating the 60th Anniversary of ASHE National.

In 1956 a group of visionaries  sought to create a Society for those interested in the advancement of the Highway Industry. The National System of Interstate and Defense Highway Act of 1956 was put into place, and the American Society of Highway Engineers – ASHE – was conceived in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. These leaders decided the Society would be composed of engineers and technicians from the State Department of Highways, consulting engineers, highway contractors and material and equipment suppliers.

In 1957 the first formal meeting of the Society was held in Harrisburg, PA. The purpose of this meeting was to organize and establish a National Society of Highway Engineers.   This meeting nominated officers, developed the constitution of the organization and prepared other necessary documents to file with the courts for incorporation.

In 1958 the Articles of Incorporation were presented to the County Court, and name of American Society of Highway Engineers had been cleared and approved.  On this date the first meeting of the Board of Directors was held with a charter membership of 104.

Since 1958 the organization has grown to over 6,375 members and 41 sections nation wide, where the mission continues to be to provide a forum for members and partners of the highway industry to promote a safe, efficient and sustainable transportation system through education, innovation and fellowship.